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Get the Best Custom Binders and Custom Document Folders in Melbourne

Are you looking to make a bulk order of custom ring binders in Melbourne? The team at VST Australia can help you with that. Our custom-made ring binders for office, work or school are personalised with the details and logo of your organisation – whether it be a business or any other kind of establishment.

Leading Manufacturers of a Wide Range of Professional and Promotional Stationery

We provide a full range of custom binders, diaries and planners, including covers and:

  • Custom printed binder covers
  • School folders
  • School diary covers
  • School planner covers
  • Transparent ring binders
  • Small 6 ring binders in leather
  • Personalised folders for companies
  • Personalised binders for work
  • And much more!

If you’re not sure if we make the binder folder or ring binder you’re looking for, simply get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you. We also offer other kinds of stationery, including wallets, envelopes, photos albums and pockets.

Why Choose Us as Your Polypropylene Folders & PVC Folders Manufacturer?

A PVC ring binder from VST Australia will outlast one made by our competitors 9 times out of 10. That’s because our binders in Australia are of a superior quality and made to withstand daily office or school use. Our PVC file folders are designed with your company’s values in mind. If you want to advertise your business as having a focus on quality, then your promotional products must last to avoid reflecting badly on you. When you choose VST Australia, you can be sure you’re choosing quality PVC or polypropylene for your signature custom binders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Binder?

A binder is a kind of folder that can hold plastic sleeves to insert A4 pages into. For this reason, they’re sometimes called plastic sleeve folders. An elegant solution to keep paper organised, these folders are equally handy for students or workers in an office.

How Can You Use a Binder?

Custom binders can be used as promotional aids in workplaces, schools, or at events where you want to give something lasting and useful to your audience. Personalised folders that feature your logo or tagline will stick in the minds of potential customers for greater brand awareness.

What Are Binders Made Of?

Our custom ring binders made in Melbourne, Australia, can be made of Polypropylene or PVC to truly show off your company whenever these items are used.

How Do You Make a Cookbook Binder?

To create an enticing cookbook ring binder folder, get a designer to lay out your inner content, then print those pages out and insert them into plastic sheets. This is the best way to keep recipes safe from splatters! Next, ask us to use your custom photo on your personalised binder. Perhaps it will be your cooking business logo or tagline, along with a mouth-watering sample photo of what you can create using your cookbook recipes.

How Do You Organise a Binder for Work?

For work, a ring binder folder is supremely valuable. It keeps all your current paperwork in one place, and with folder dividers, you can easily navigate your way between topic sections in the folder. Use a hole punch to place holes in paperwork to be filed, or use plastic sheets. A ring folder is essential for this task of organising your paperwork, as it will keep everything secure and easy to refer to.

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Purchase high-quality personalised folders in bulk today from our online shop. Stand behind your values by choosing a manufacturer who swears by creating superior quality promotional goods. Got questions for us? Call now on (03) 8339 4090 or place an order today!