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Plastic Pockets & Custom Envelopes with Class

If you’re looking for cards and pockets, plastic pocket folders, custom envelopes and other products, we can provide what you need here at VST Australia. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we’re known for our professional promotional stationery that stands out from the rest. Our items are personalised for the student lifestyle, or custom made for work at the office.

A Leading Manufacturer of Print Business Solutions

As a leading manufacturer, we offer a wide range of envelope products and clear PVC pockets to choose from, including:

  • Plastic pockets for cards
  • A5 clear plastic pocket
  • B5 clear pockets
  • A5 self-adhesive clear pockets
  • Clear front report cover with pocket
  • Clear wall display pockets
  • Custom business card envelopes
  • Custom envelopes with addresses
  • C5 envelope
  • A5 envelopes
  • Envelope printing
  • Standard envelope sizes
  • School pockets
  • And much more

If you’re not sure if we make the plastic clear folders for paper storage that you’re looking for, or if you want to engrave a product, get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to help you. We also offer other kinds of stationery, including wallets, envelopes, photos albums and binders.

Get Cards, Envelopes & Pockets of Superior Quality

When you purchase from VST Australia, you can have supreme confidence in the quality of the products you’ve ordered. When we create our self-adhesive plastic pockets or even our coin pockets in plastic, our focus is on manufacturing and delivering a high-quality product to our customers. Our pockets and folders are made from optimal blends of PVC or polypropylene for a flexible yet hard wearing finish.


Can I Recycle Clear Plastic Punched Pockets?

Plastic punched pockets can be recycled in a number of ways. If they’re broken at the holes, you can use sticky tape to fix the tear and then hole punch another hole in them. You can also use them as document holders on the front of the fridge if you slide magnets inside them. If the punched plastic pocket you’re got is beyond repair, try recycling it in your local recycling bin program or in the soft plastics accepted by your local supermarket.

How Do You Sew Clear Vinyl Pockets?

When you’re sewing with clear vinyl, a common potential problem that can occur is that your vinyl sticks to the metal plate on the sewing machine, or even to your sewing table. This can cause the vinyl to stop feeding through under the sewing machine needle area like it should. The solution is to use some tissue paper underneath your project. This will allow the vinyl to feed through the sewing machine cleanly. After you’re done sewing, simply gently rip away the tissue paper. It won’t damage your stiches due to it being light and easily torn.

How Do You Make an Envelope?

It’s quite easy to make your own envelope. Start with a piece of paper that’s twice as big as the desired size for your envelope. Fold the paper over to halve the size. Tape together the open left and right sides. Leave the top open. Fold down the top side to make a flap. Put your letter or card inside and glue down the flap to keep it all secure.

Get Made to Order Plastic Pockets & Custom Envelopes Online Today

If you want high-quality plastic pockets and custom envelopes with the convenience of online ordering, look no further than VST Australia. Get what you need fast and portray your company, school or other association with class and dignity. Got questions for us? Call on (03) 8339 4090 or place an order today!