Prinz System - Single Sided - Booklets

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Prinz System - Is the name given to our loose leaf stock system. Made of ph-neutral card and covered with polyester strips. The foil strips completely cover the stamp and avoid the need for extra interleaves. These pages are free of harmful chemicals and offer proven safe storage and protection. A choice of 12 different depth sizes of film strip single or double sided provides a... Read More
Prinz System are our most popular product line from the PRINZ SYSTEM Program. With an overall size of 215 x 280 mm and are available in ten single sided and double sided versions (black card). Allows an album display to be "custom built' to any precise requirement. Individual stamp layouts can be arranged to a infinite choice of display. Re-arrangement, to meet the needs of a growing collection, takes only a few seconds. To use Diamant system bend forward the film strip 180 degrees and position the stamp with the lower edges in contact with the rubber hinge. There is no risk of adhesion between hinge and stamps. Then let the film snap back into position. The hinge is of 100% synthetic rubber and remains permanently elastic. Since the foil completely covers the stamp, a further cover is not necessarary. Storage for decades is demonstrably absoulutely safe
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Product NamePrinz System - Single Sided - Booklets